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released June 5, 2011

Produced and Written by: Cha Cha Malone (Chase Vincent Malone)
Mixed by: Cha Cha Malone
Mastered by: Cha Cha Malone
Recorded @: Cha Cha Malone Studios
Album Cover Photography by:



all rights reserved


Cha Cha Malone Seattle, Washington

Cha Cha Malone is an indie Seattle-born singer-songwriter/producer with a sound that steers away from the norm. Oriented within the r&b genre, his 90's influenced melodic style is sure to nostalgically grow on you all the while incorporating elements that are appealing to the modern-day listener. ... more

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Track Name: 01 - CHA CHA MALONE - I STILL
Oh baby
where do we go from here?
it's a question that's been lurkin' in my head
i've been actin' too mr. macho
kickin' it
bein' 'bout myself instead
i made the choice to leave
you couldn't believe me
you tried to work us out
and do your best just to keep me
but i wasn't havin' it (and)
now i'm locked in a cabinet
i need your love back (oh girl)

i thought about it twice
three times, one million
i won't get the time of day
to explain how i'm feelin'
cuz i'm a villain
i've never been defeated 'til now
i finally realize (that)
i'm still in love with you (love with you)
i'm still in love with you
oh girl
oh girl

i've been starin' at your picture
on my wall, in my wallet
on the 'space, on the facebook
et cetera
will this get better?
am i too stubborn
to change the future between us?

all i really needed was a
little room to breathe
i don't really know why my choice
was just to up and leave
i'd give anything just to
have you back, by my side
my bonnie clyde
you know we ride fasho'

back to chorus

i really wanna have you back
please take the time to consider
all my pain and my gain from the
i learned a couple things on the way
like not stray from the special ones
that truly...make you...happy (that's right)
happy...that's what i wanna see in your
face again
i wanna make you smile
for a while
better yet i wanna make it forever

back to chorus
Track Name: 02 - CHA CHA MALONE - LET IT GO
Let it go, let it go, let it go....

Verse 1:

In the club, man these dudes
straight up thinkin' thinkin' that they all that
Next to a girl fine as ever
and they want you to fall back (Hell no)

But you know I'm on a mission
blurry vision, but I can still see what I'm after
Ol' girl know what she missin'
but you're an interruption
every time i'm close you grab her


I'm in my zone, in my zone
and I got it goin' on
and i'm gone and i'm gone
homie I ain't gonna front
Let it let it go, let it let it go,
Let it let it go....


It's about time to get loose now
Henney apple juice now
kickin' in, fuzzy brain, don't know what to do now
VIP status, gotta have it, i'ma have whatever drink that helps me let it go
Let it go, let i go oh oh
Go let it go, let it go oh oh...

Verse 2:

I'm losin' my mind
and I ain't tryna find it
I wanna go crazy baby

Corona with a lime in it
Follow with a Heineken
Ain't nobody phasin' me baby

But i'm still on a mission
A sea full of fish and
I'm lookin' to reel the best catch now
and you fit the description, live what I'm livin'
C'mon girl, I know you down

Pre Hook: Repeat

Hook: Repeat


Now shawty let it go,
show me how you move that sexy body
Everybody came down here to party tonight
Go ahead and work it, c'mon
This moment is perfect nothin' wrong
D-don't say no, d-don't say no, just let it go

Hook: Repeat
Verse 1:

Girl I just got done arguing with you
I'm so used to this
and we just got home from trying to have fun
but now I'm balling up my fists


I know you're mad at me
for flippin' out and yellin'
and thinkin' that i'm always right
but i'ma turn this to a fantasy
all your girlfriends gon' be jealous
when you brag 'bout what I did to you tonight


It's time to kiss and make up
mad while we make love
shorty i'ma take it out on you
I'm smearin' all your make-up
the rough way to make love
shouting is all you're gonna do

I'ma show you aggression, yeah baby
show you my aggression cuz i'm angry
the kind of aggression to make you stay

Verse 2:

I just got done grabbin' on yout neck
but I handled it with care
you got your face in the pillow
hanging off the bed
and all the pillow feathers flying in the air

Pre Hook: Repeat

Hook: Repeat


Ooooh, ooooh
Girl stay mad, girl stay mad, girl stay mad at me
ooooh, ooooh
Girl I love it, girl I love it when you're mad at me
Ooooh, ooooh
makin' love, makin' love, while you're mad at me
Ooooh, ooooh
Beat it up and beat it up, while you're mad at me

Hook: Repeat
Verse 1:

See there's no need to go
No need to look for no other kind of love
cuz i'm in it, i'ma keep it, she is just what I need
she's the one for me, the one for me

She wears different clothes
she stands out from the crowd
and that's enough for me
to be attracted to what's different
she's quite different from me
the same beat, but a different complete


Different is beautiful baby
Different is beautiful baby
I love the way you rock that thang like nobody else
even though it might seem strange to somebody else

But different is beautiful baby
and different's been beautiful lately
You got your own swag now, oh wow
I dig the style and it's beautiful, it's beautiful
and different is beautiful


I've never seen a style like yours
and I respect the way you carry yourself
you don't try to impress nobody else
you've always been yourself

All the haters probably wishin' that they had what you have
the "you" swag
Let em' talk the stuff, continue with your strut, you bad
you're the baddest girl around

Hook: Repeat


Different is beautiful, beautiful to me
Different is beautiful, beautiful, it's a beautiful thang
Different is beautiful to me, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah